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Trying On Clothes

A customized, hands-on approach to launch

Starting your clothing line or a new collection can be exciting or overwhelming. It's possible that you may not have a formal plan to start, but that's why we are here. 

We've created the perfect program for working one-on-one with emerging and established designers. From creative planning and strategy to design and production, our team will walk you through each step of the process, making sure that your vision is fully realized.


Here's a little peak into our process: 

Image by Windows

Say Hello!

This is an easy step, but it's the most important. We commend our clients for being bold enough to begin their fashion journeys. Simply get in touch with us by phone, email or social media. You can also pop into factory. We don't mind the visit. 



After saying hello, our clients are paired with a dedicated team, who will be their guide from start to finish. Here, we will discuss your vision, fabric options, patterns, customizations and more. 



Once, your vision is fully formed and drawn out, patterns are then made by our professional pattern makers. Clients can also provide their own patterns if available.



This is the most interesting part for us. In prototyping a sample of your vision will be carefully crafted by our professional tailors for your inspection and approval. Once this stage is approved, project make-up and completion are concluded. We will create perfect copies of your design like we've done for years. 

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